Intangible Visions: Selections by FilipinoArt.ph

Jul 24 2020 - Dec 31 2025

FilipinoArt.ph, an online art gallery, is currently exhibiting works by eight (8) Filipino abstract artists whose paintings demonstrate how intuitive and accessible abstract art can be.

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RESURFACE: Facing the Familiar Stranger

Oct 25 2022 - Dec 31 2025

FilipinoArt.ph celebrates its 3rd anniversary with the virtual art exhibit RESURFACE: Facing the Familiar Stranger that explores expressionist works by our artists depicting different responses to the “new normal” as we try to resurface from the pandemic’s aftermath.

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PAWS Online Auction

Jan 22 - Mar 24 2024

“May Fur-Ever!” An exhibit and auction that shines a spotlight on the relentless strength of animals that have overcome neglect or harm, emphasizing their inherent right to love and care. In collaboration with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the exhibition actively supports pet adoption, fostering awareness, and motivating a community dedicated to the welfare of animals. This presents a rare opportunity for you to own an original masterpiece while contributing to a great cause dedicated to supporting animals.

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