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From the crashing of the waves to dreaming of a blissful splurge of colors, eight (8) Filipino abstract artists urge their audiences to experience a piece of their personal space – a creative realm that one cannot normally perceive based on real-world representations.

Intangible visions, so to speak, explore what's relatively unknown to the viewer, but extremely a familiar, sacred place to the artist.

“With these paintings, you can feel the various emotional impact of each piece to every participating artist,” curator Arnold Perez says.

“Every solid brushstroke, every dab of color used, and every fluid shape and line applied on the canvas speaks volumes about each one's infinite imagination, yet they're deeply intimate and personal.”

The exhibit features 8 abstract artists from various regions of the Philippines:

Ana Fe Ruiz
Talisay City, Cebu

Aristotle Mas
Las Pinas City, Manila

Kathleene Kaye Somera
Quezon City, Manila

Richer Fernandez
Cavite City, Cavite

Richerdan Ordiales
Baguio City, Benguet

Gauri Sandbhor
Taguig City, Manila

Tez Velasquez
Angeles City, Pampanga

Chrisanto Rentoy
Quezon City, Manila